Game idea

One of the things I was dreading most about planning this bachelorette party was finding good games to play that would be appropriate for Laura’s party. I know I posted those “Wedding Trivia” and “Drink Master Says” games a while ago, but I was worried that wouldn’t be enough. “Drink Master Says” looks fun and I still intend to get it, but the wedding trivia, on second thought, looks quite boring. I knew one game wouldn’t take up enough time, so I knew I had to find another one that the girls might actually want to play. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon an idea when I was reading another woman’s blog: Bachelorette Mad Libs!

Everyone loves mad libs. This will be a great fun game for us to play, and it’s only as raunchy or inappropriate as the girls make it! If a dirty word or two gets snuck in there, that will be fine, because it’s all up to us to create the game. Either way, I’m sure it will be very fun! I think I remember that Laura used to like playing mad libs when we were younger, and I bet most of the other girls did too. And I love them as well! I’m glad I found this. Hopefully between this and drink master says, our entertainment will be set for the evening, although I think I’ll keep looking in case any more really good ideas spring up at me. I’ll let you know if I find anything new!

Possible Party Favor

I just discovered a new item at the website I’ve been shopping for the party at, and I think it could be something I want to get. If you remember, I was talking about how few party favors there are that aren’t penises. Well, I think they just added this to their party favor section, and there’s not a penis in sight. Take a look at these “Diss-Cards”:

What they are is business cards with fake names and companies but real phone numbers. The phone numbers go to some automated message telling the guy the number’s fake, like that rejection hotline I heard about a couple years ago. So it’s a good way to get men who you aren’t interested in away from you and make them think they got your number. This could be sort of fun. I know at least three of the girls at the party would absolutely love to have something like this available, and I’m sure all the others would as well. I don’t know how common it is for a girl to give a guy in a bar a business card, so it could be seen as kind of fishy, but I suppose a guy’s not going to call you out on it at the bar. So this could be a fun little gift to include in my party favor boxes, but they could still use some more items. So I’ll keep looking!

Possible Games?

I was thinking of possible things to do at Laura’s party, and I know that there are a lot of games designed for bachelorette parties. I went to the game section of the website I shop at, but I found that the vast majority of the games listed there were things like penis pinatas and challenge games with dares that involved rather inappropriate conduct. I did, however, manage to find a couple of games that didn’t seem as lewd as the others. First, I found the wedding trivia game, which looks like a very tame trivia game where there’s probably no risk of running into inappropriate questions. I don’t know how fun it looks, though. Then there was the drinking card game “Drink Master Says”. In it, players play card that tell them to drink in different ways or do different challenges. It looks like it’s designed for a small group at a bachelorette party to play amongst themselves and does not involve any outside people, which is good. But I don’t know how Laura feels about drinking games. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her play one. I’ll have to ask some of our other friends if they think it’s too low-brow for her. I wish there were more classy games that actually looked fun. Things are starting to get difficult. Before I go, here’s some pictures of the two games I found.

Out of stock possible gift

Well, shoot.

I decided that the next thing I’d search for would be a gift for Laura, since I plan on telling all the guests to bring gifts for her to the party. Something fun and marriage themed, without penises.  Well, I found the perfect thing:
husband training flash cards.

It’s a set of fifty cards, all with different tips on how to train the groom-to-be on how to be a better husband. And the groom could certainly use some help in that department. He’s a great guy and he’s perfect for Laura, don’t get me wrong on that – he’s just not the most self-sufficient and reliable man in the world, and she knows it. That’s why I thought these cards would be a perfect gift for her. But it seems that they’re out of stock, unfortunately. I still have time before the party, so I hope they get more in before then. But in the mean time, I suppose I’ll start looking around for other potential gifts for Laura.