Other Kits

Okay, okay, before you say anything, this isn’t me being even more indecisive. I decided on the kit that I picked last time. But while I was still deciding I went looking for other options and found a couple more kits, so I thought I’d post those in case anybody else might like them. Actually, one of them is completely unrelated, and I might get it too. Take a look:

This kit isn’t a decorating kit, like the others, but rather a dress-up kit for the bachelorette. I kind of like it. The colors are fun. It looks a little childish, though. Just because there’s no penises on any of the items doesn’t mean they’re classy, and I don’t really think they are. I do want to find some fun accessories for Laura, but these aren’t the ones. I just thought I’d post it in case anybody else likes it.
And here’s
the other kit I’m posting for all of your benefits:

It’s another decoration kit, but with added things like a shirt and tiara and some games, too. So it’s even bigger than the kit I’m getting. Unfortunately, that means it’s more expensive, too. I like all of the items in here (or most of them, anyways) but I don’t need all of them, so some of them might go to waste. But I can see it being perfect for some parties. Also, I think I should note that it does include one penis-shaped item - some mints, called pecker mints - but you could easily just not use those at the party. I don’t think they contribute much to the cost of the kit, so it’s probably not a big deal. Anyways, I just thought I’d post those kits in case any of you girls like the look of them and might be interested, even though I’m not. Now it’s back to looking for things I might actually use...

Picture Frame

I’m still not having any luck finding good bachelorette-themed party favors that aren’t penis-shaped. Frankly, I don’t even know what exactly to look for. I don’t know what possible party favors there could be out there. But I did find something while I was looking for party favor ideas. It’s not really a party favor per say but it’s something I thought I could give to all of the guests. Here it is:

This picture frame is pretty cute, and it’s only a dollar, so I should definitely be able to get one for all of the guests. I’m sure we’ll take plenty of good pictures the night of the party, so this will be a great way to remember the night. After all, depending on how much some of the girls drink, they might need some help remembering! Well, hopefully that won’t happen. And either way, it’ll be good for everyone to have this cute little reminder of the night. I just hope we get some good pictures to put in the frames! I think this is a pretty good idea so I’m sharing it with you girls. Even if you don’t normally take a lot of pictures, chances are someone will take some on the night of the bachelorette party. And some have got to be good, right? So this should be a fun souvenir to give out for the guests to remember the night. I’m hoping so, at least.

Party Favors

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about party favors yet and I should be focusing on more important things like decorations instead, but I was checking to see if those flash cards I posted about two weeks ago were in stock yet (not yet, unfortunately) and getting party favors for the other guests crossed my mind. I thought it might be easy to find some, but once again, I just found a bunch of little gifts shaped like penises. All I really found so far that was penis-free were those champagne bottle poppers and these shot glass necklaces. I could throw in some candy, too, but that still doesn’t seem like enough. Or at least, it doesn’t seem like that would make a gift bag that says “bachelorette party.” Those are all things you could get at any party, except maybe the shot glasses. I did find these party favor boxes, though.

So maybe it will be okay if I just put those generic things in a special bachelorette party-themed box? Does anybody else know of any other bachelorette party-themed items I could put in the boxes that aren’t penis-related?

On a side note, I’m probably not going to be posting as frequently now. Autumn is a busy time for me, partially due to my responsibilities and partially by my own choice. My boys go back to school soon, so I’ll be busier because of that. On top of that, Autumn is my favorite month, so I spend a lot more time outdoors. So don’t be surprised if I’m posting less frequently, as planning the party will probably be taking a back seat for a couple of months. But I still have to find everything before the party happens, and I’ll be sure to post everything I find.


After choosing the plates, napkins, and cups, I decided to move on to another item that I didn’t think would be difficult to acquire in a non-penis variety: invitations. I just can’t muster up the willpower to start the more difficult searches yet. Fortunately, I was correct in my assumption, and I found a good share of bachelorette party invitations that do not have penises on them. I found two different varieties with martini glasses on them instead. Unfortunately, I can’t decide between the two. Here’s the first:

And here’s the second:

Which should I get? The first one is a better deal, but I think the second one looks a little classier. I’ll have to think about it. I am, of course, open to your suggestions.