A sexy accessory

I was looking at that page of rings one last time, just to make sure I didn't miss any other options, when something else listed in that category caught my eye: garters. And I thought that that might be a fun accessory for Laura to wear to feel sexy. Now, I know what a lot of you are probably thinking: doesn't that go against the "classy" theme of the party? Well I say "not really." Garters can give off a very sophisticated and classy type of sexy look, like Victorian, almost. And I was able to find some that look pretty classy to me. For example:

This pink lace garter isn't too complex, but it does look very classy and pretty. I think it would match all the other pink accessories and clothes very well. Some people might say it looks a little too flashy, but I don't think so, from that picture.

The other good one I found is the flashing bride-to-be garter. Okay, so the fact that it flashes doesn't scream "class", but not every little thing has to. The garter itself looks pretty classy to me, and I'm sure Laura would think the flashing bride-to-be emblem was fun. Of course, if you really want something fun, I found one other garter that I'm thinking about for the pure fun factor:

A candy garter! It's all the fun of a candy necklace with the added sexiness of a garter. I don't know how she would go about eating it, though. I guess she couldn't while she's wearing it. Still, it's cute and fun and I think she'd enjoy it. So the question is, should I go tasty or classy for the garter? And if I go with one of the classier ones, which one? I'll have to give this some thought and get back to you, but as always, feel free to voice your opinions as comments - I could always use some help deciding!

Rings for the rest of us!

I know I said I already decided on Laura's ring a couple of weeks ago, but by now you probably kind of know how I am about these things... you know I couldn't help but go back and take another look. Now, don't worry, I didn't end up flip-flopping and changing my mind again, but I did discover something that I had missed last time - this!

It's a pack of six "light up bling rings!" I saw these and thought they would be absolutely perfect for the rest of us to wear at the party. They don't match Laura's ring, because I didn't choose the glowing one for her, but I have a feeling we've got enough matching clothing and accessories already that nobody will have any problems telling that we're all together! I'll have to buy two sets of these rings to get one for every guest, though, and then I'll have a couple of extras - maybe i'll give those to Laura to wear in addition to her other ring! I wonder what she'll think about us piling all of these accessories on her to wear... by the time we're through picking things out for her, I wonder if she'll even be able to move at the party! Well, we'll just have to see, because somehow I doubt me and the other girls are done finding things, so of course, whenever we find something else, I'll be sure to post it here to let you all know how the search is going!

Ring for Laura

Okay, first of all, me and Patty talked about the buttons and we decided that we're going to go with the one that matches all the other buttons. Not only does it match, but it's also bigger than the light-up one, and we decided Laura would probably prefer it to the light-up one anyways. So that's what we decided as far as buttons go. But while I was looking at the buttons again, I noticed that they also sell another type of accessory that I think we should get for Laura: fake engagement rings! I know she would think something like that was funny. So here are two of the best ones I found:

This one is a light-up ring that comes in either pink or silver. It's not trying to be a realistic ring, it's just a fun cute little design. Plus, it lights up, which is always fun. Then there's this:

This one is called the 10,000 carat engagement ring, so it already has the funny name putting points in its favor. It's designed to look more like a real diamond ring (but waaay exaggerated) which is a fun idea I think. It's very sparkly and big, I just wonder if it might be too big and not stay on Laura's finger! Now, I bet you're thinking I like the light-up ring more because I liked the light-up button more, right? Well, you're wrong! I actually like this big fake diamond ring better. I think it would be very funny to her (and funny for the rest of us to see her wear it!) So I'm leaning toward this one. In fact, I think I might just choose it, right now. It's about time I actually be decisive and choose something without a week of deliberation, right? Okay! I choose this one!

... Unless I find something better. :) I'll talk to all of you next time!

Laura's Button

My button conundrum is solved! I found a special button for Laura to wear so that I can get two of those sets of eight with the dresses for the rest of us. Well, actually, I found two buttons that Laura could wear. So even though the problem of which button set I’m going to get is solved, it raises another problem: which button am I going to get for Laura? Well, I suppose if I’m asking you, I should let you see them, right? Here they are:

I’m surprised I didn’t see this one before - it pretty clearly goes along with the set of smaller ones with the pink dress designs. You’d think they would link to each other on the pages, but I guess not. But this button was literally made to go with the other ones, and it is cute, and it would make Laura stand out, but I’m still hesitant. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this button, it’s just that I found another special button that I think I like more.

Why do I like this one more? Simple: it lights up, and that’s sure to make Laura stand out! Now, I know it’s not about which I like more, but I’m not really sure what Laura would prefer. I know, it probably seems silly to you that I’m deliberating over something as little as buttons, but I really want this party to be as perfect as possible. So I think I’ll ask Patty for her opinion, and we’ll just have to make our best guess about which one to go with. I have a feeling she’ll lean toward the one that matches the button set, but we’ll see. Of course, if any of you have any opinions or input, I’d be happy to hear it, but otherwise I’ll let you know what we decide!

Bachelorette Party Buttons

First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due: my friend Patty first suggested this idea to me a long time ago, when we first started planning the party, and I didn’t remember it until just now. Well, anyways, the idea is that I get one of those sets of buttons that identify everyone in the bachelorette party. I’ve seen them a couple of times as I’ve been passing through the website but I never really paid them much attention. But now that I have, I think it’s a great idea! It’s a fun little way for us all to get in the spirit without having to wear entire matching outfits (although something tells me Patty hasn’t ruled that out, either). So, there are two sets that I’m trying to decide between. Here they are:

The first one is a set of six that comes with special buttons for the bride-to-be, the maid of honor, and the mother of the bride, and then three normal bridesmaid buttons. The second one is a set of eight and it comes with buttons for the mother of the groom and the flower girl too but none for the bride. At Laura’s wedding, the flower girl’s going to be her seven year old niece, so I don’t think she’ll be coming to the bachelorette party. The groom’s mother isn’t coming, either. So those would be two wasted buttons. But I definitely like the design on that set more. The little pink dress design is so cute! I’ll have to get two sets to have enough for all the bridesmaids no matter which of these sets I pick, so the wasted buttons aren’t a big deal but I think the only real deal breaker is that there’s no button for the bride-to-be herself in this kit. But maybe I can find one just by itself that will make Laura stand out. Maybe that would actually be better! I think I’ll look for one of those, and if I don’t find a good one, I’ll get the set of six, but if I do, I’ll get it and the set of eight. Wow, I can’t believe I made that decision so easily - if I keep figuring things out like that so easy, the rest of the planning will be a cinch!