Jello Shots!

Again, I should have guessed, that post about drinkware last week got me thinking about the drinks for the party again. I know, I know, I thought I had everything squared away, and I think I still do, when it comes to strictly drinks. But I thought of something else that’s sort of drinking-related but they’re not really drinks. I’ve been thinking that the girls (and especially Laura) would love to have some jello shots at the party. I’m all for that, of course, because jello shots are always delicious. The only problem is, I had no idea how to make them! But I had the thought to check back at that other blog that I posted about a while ago - you know, the one where the woman’s talking about all kinds of drinks that are good for bachelorette parties. Well, sure enough, I went back a ways and found that she had a post about jello shots! Here it is. Looks like they’re not so hard to make after all, which is really good because I would have had no idea what I was doing. I probably would have done it very, very wrong! And that post even had a little bonus, it had a link to these nifty little jello shot cups on that bachelorette party website.

I probably would have stumbled on them on my own with how much I’m on that website, but it was convenient anyways! That answers the next question I was going to have, which was, what do I make the shots in? Well, I can just make them in those plastic cups! And thanks to the lids if there’s any left over we can store them in the fridge for another time. I’m getting more and more excited about this party and more and more things are starting to fall into place for it - which is good, because it’s coming up soon!

Drinkware for Laura

As I should have expected, finding that cake pan got me thinking about all the food for the bachelorette party. Luckily I talked to Beth later that day, and she said she would handle all of the food except the cake - and she loved my cake pan idea when I sent her the link! That was such a relief; I was starting to get pretty worried about the food situation! Well, once I calmed down about that, I moved from the topic of food to the topic of drinks. I think we’re pretty set on what drinks we’re going to serve, and there will be the cups from that kit for everybody to drink out of, but I got to thinking - Laura should have a special cup for herself that’s a little fancier and maybe not made out of styrofoam or paper. She’s the bride-to-be, after all, she deserves something classier than that! I don’t mean to get her fine china, by any means, but I did find a couple of special, better-quality cups and glasses online that I’m thinking about.

The first thing I found was a flashing martini glass. What a good combination. It’s all the classiness of a martini glass, but still fun, because it’s flashing. I’m sure she’d feel very dignified drinking out of this. But I think she’d really find this one funny:

It may not be a martini glass, but this cup says “sexy” on it - which Laura certainly is! And I don’t mean to call her conceited, or anything, but she knows it, too - so I think this would be a perfect little joke for her! But, you know, I didn’t realize until just now that both of those options flash. That’s ok, I think she’ll like that. I’m having trouble deciding which one to get (aren’t I always), so I’m open to any of your suggestions if you’ve got any! I’m sure she’d love either of them - I just need to make a choice. Sometimes I think I’m making this entire process harder on myself than it needs to be!

Cake Pan

All of that thinking about cups, plates, napkins, and the like got me thinking about what kind of food I’m going to have at the party. Beth is the best cook out of all of us who are helping plan the party, though, so I think maybe I should leave that to her. I ought to talk to her about that before too long. But I know that there’s one food-related thing that I will be in charge of for the party, and that’s the cake. We’ve got to have a cake. So I did a search for bachelorette party-themed cake pans, and big surprise - they’re all penises. There are a LOT of different penis-shaped cake pans out there. I could hardly even believe it. Everywhere I looked, that’s all I could find. I was about to give up and just make a regular cake, when finally, I found this.

It’s called the sexy man cake pan. And it is exactly what I was looking for, I just didn’t know it until I found it. This will be absolutely perfect, Laura’s going to love this cake. It’s sexy and bachelorette party-themed and a bit naughty without being too inappropriate. I should probably run it by Beth since she’s in charge of food, but I think she’ll think it’s perfect, too. I was pretty worried about the cake for a while there, so I’m glad I figured this out and it’s going to work out so well!

Yet another option

It just seems like nothing’s ever going to be easy in planning this party! Although I suppose it’s my own fault; I do tend to be pretty indecisive when it comes to this sort of thing. Anyways, you’re probably wondering what I’m even talking about. Remember how last time I was trying to decide between the original table settings I picked out and a more efficient kit that I found? Well, guess what. I found another kit. And this one’s got even more in it to tempt me!

You can find it here. This kit’s a bit more expensive than the other one (ok, quite a bit), but it comes with so much more. It comes with dinner AND dessert plates, and utensils, in addition to the cups and napkins. Plus, it’s not just table settings - it’s got invitations and name tags, and a banner, too! I know I already decided on some invitations, but I think I would probably save money if I got the ones included with this set. And name tags might be nice, because there are a couple of girls coming who aren’t very familiar with most of Laura’s friends. As for the banner, I could always use some more decorations - I feel like I don’t have nearly enough of those picked out yet! I know that the plates and napkins in here aren’t quite as colorful and exciting as the one in the kit I found last time, but they’re still far from dull. And I think they’ll fit better with the tablecloth and balloons I picked out, too. Still, I’m having trouble deciding, because I did really like those other ones... who knew planning a bachelorette party would be this stressful??

Which to get?

I finally think I’m starting to get things figured out, and then I go back and take a look at something I thought I had figured out a long time ago and start to doubt that. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

If you remember from quite a while ago, I thought I figured out my plates, cups, and napkins fairly early on. I posted about it
here. But I was looking at that post again, and those do seem rather plain. I also just found this kit, where the designs are much more exciting:

See? Those are so colorful and animated, and without anything too inappropriate. No penises! I want to keep the party classy, but that doesn’t have to mean keeping it boring. Plus, because these come in a set, it’s a little cheaper than if I were to buy those other cups, plates, and napkins separately. I don’t think Laura would find anything wrong with these; I know I wouldn’t. Maybe I should check with her first, even though I don’t particularly want to tell her anything about the party before hand... I know, I’ll ask Patty what she thinks. Hopefully she’ll agree with me that we can make our decorations fun without making them inappropriate. Because I really am a fan of these plates and napkins!